Passive House in New York

Passive House in New York

An in-depth article covering Passive House in New York was published today on the NY Times, highlighting our Perch Harlem project with Architect Chris Benedict and Taurus Investment Holdings.

In Mayor de Blasio’s 111-page green buildings initiative, the building at 803 Knickerbocker is used as a case study. Ms. Benedict said she is now working on a project to retrofit several 40-unit apartment buildings in Brooklyn to passive standards. Another passive project she is designing is called Perch Harlem at 542 West 153rd Street, a 34-unit rental building with anticipated delivery in spring of next year.

(Perch Harlem is in a bit of an unofficial competition with a six-unit project at 11 West 126th Street, also in Harlem, to determine which will be the first multifamily building in Manhattan to receive passive certification.)

Justin Palmer, the chief executive of Synapse Development Group, the developer of Perch Harlem with Taurus Investment Holdings, said he sees passive construction as a way of delivering “luxury” through smart design. Mr. Palmer said that he expects to be able to charge more for the development’s passive design.

“On the rental side, the value is you have all these comfort factors in a residential apartment in New York City,” he said, listing temperature, air quality and noise reduction. “And we’ve found through passive house design, you address all those issues.”

We’re happy to see so many architects and developers in the NYC area build using Passive House principles!


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